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Bella Via

Arabian Sport Horses

Bella Via is a small boutique breeding farm dedicated to producing beautiful, sound minded athletes that are a pleasure to live with. Building this herd & program is the realization of a lifelong dream & we look forward to sharing the joys & adventures that a life with Arabian horses can bring with you.

We have both loved horses for as long as we can remember. Be it Mark climbing fences to ride his neighbors horses in the dark of night as a mischievous child or Victoria learning to ride in a more formal setting taking Dressage lessons in Germany as a child, horses have been an integral part of our lives.

With the acquisition of her first Arabian mare in 1980 Victoria wasted no time in breeding ABALISA & producing her first foal. RAPHYRE, the produce of that breeding went on to finish the famed TEVIS CUP ride three times & is still cherished by his family, the Souza's of Grass Valley, CA. VALLAR, ABALISA's last foal, logged many miles in endurance really finding his place as a multi-day horse. Retired now VALLAR still lives with us & is happily enjoying his new "career" of raising the weaned foals & teaching them the meaning of life.

Starting with CMK breeding & soon discovering the wonderful Classical Spanish horses, we concentrate on these bloodlines for their soundness of mind & body, their true Arabian type, both in looks & in that cherished "in the tent" disposition. Carefully selecting the horses we choose to incorporate into our program we spend all the time needed to make sure they will develop into horses that will bring joy to those associated with them.

Being involved in Arabian horses has brought us untold joy, friends around the world & boundless opportunities for recreation & competition. We look forward to sharing our world with you!

Mark Cushman
Victoria Alexander-Cushman